بورتاوي دوت كوم هو أول بوابة علي شبكة الانترنت يتم إنشاءها من أجل التواصل المباشر وتقديم الخدمات الالكترونية الشاملة لعملاء "عامر جروب" من ملاك الوحدات بالمنتجعات والمشاريع العقارية المملوكة للمجموعة. ونشأت فكرة "بورتاوي" من خلال الرغبة في تطوير مفهوم المجتمعات العمرانية الراقية في منتجعات ومشاريع بورتو المختلفة بالقاهرة والسواحل بهدف تسهيل حياة وتلبية رغبات الملاك

Kart Sha7n

is the long waited technology that perfectly facilitate and shorten the charging card subscriber experience over his handset and increase the use of paid/free services over the USSD. Through a simple click user can capture the charging digits with out suffering entering them manually.

Shop Enablement

It is the only retail technology that manages different types of smart or NFC tags toward delivering new smart shop enablement concept. It turns classical shop to an extremely smart an connected shop format experience that uses today’s mobility solutions.

While Passing

"You may leave some reminders in certain places for you or your friends to sense when you or they pass by, imagine that you leave a reminder in the bakery next to your home that will bubble from the bakery shop each time you pass by telling you " remember to bring the needed bread and bakery everyday".

2ay Rakam

is easy technology to reach for all mobile numbers on fliers and pursues in One sec. By snap the number, you can call, send messages and save contact, with 2ay rakam all numbers is near to you in one touch.


users to communicate their friends from many social networks, invite each other to use their favorite applications and share their applications states, this will help in increasing customers of 3rd party applications and increasing applications rank on App stores.